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P.E. T -Shirt

P.E. Shorts - Boys

Husky Homework Center Donation

8th Grade Promotion Donation - (8th grade only)

Hart PTSA Husky Enrichment Fund

Thomas Hart Music Boosters - Donation

PTSA Adult Membership

PTSA Student Membership

PPIE Fund Raising

HART Student Activities ASB Fundraiser

6th Grade Block Donation

Math Donation

8th Grade English Donation

7th Grade Block Donation

Science Donation

Physical Education Donation

History Donation - 8th Grade

7th & 8th Grade World Language Department Donation

P.E. Shorts - Girls

P.E. Leggings - Girls

6th Grade Elective Wheel Class Donation

8th Grade Elective Donation

7th Grade Elective Donation

7th/8th Grade STEAM class

Library Book Donation

PTSA Staff Membership

Hart Organizer

Hart Bumper Magnet

AVID - 8TH Grade


Thomas Hart Music Boosters - Tshirt

Thomas Hart Music Boosters - Bumper Car Magnets

Athletic Intramural Sports Donation

Art Class Donation

Consumer Skills/Home Ec Donation

Thomas Hart Music Boosters - Sweatshirt

Leadership Tshirt Donation

Media Class Donation

Engineering and Robotics Classes Donation

Hart Spirit Wear -- Huskies V-Neck Tee

Hart Spirit Wear -- Classic Navy Sweatshirt

Hart Spirit Wear -- Classic Shirt

Hart Spirit Wear -- Huskies "H" Shirt

Krispy Kreme Fundraiser

Cosmos Club Jr. Donation


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